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In Novoturismo, we optimize the website by enhancing both its design and user experience. To achieve this, we incorporate elements of social proof, a quicker contact form, and a list of frequently asked questions. These enhancements enable users to interact more effectively with the page and find the information they need more efficiently.


The changes implemented on the Novoturismo website have significantly impacted various aspects, contributing to the overall improvement of the company.Performance:The site's loading speed was evaluated, and necessary improvements were made, resulting in a faster and more efficient navigation experience for visitors. This may have led to increased user retention and an enhanced user experience


Research and optimization of relevant keywords were conducted, leading to increased visibility on search engines and a boost in organic traffic. The improved search engine ranking may have expanded the reach and attracted a broader audience, potentially resulting in increased leads and conversions


Several design improvements were made, including work on key landing pages, navigation structure revisions, and the proposal of an attractive and brand-consistent color scheme. These enhancements may have contributed to higher user retention, improved site interaction, and increased conversion rates, as visitors find what they are looking for more easily and are more likely to become customers or followers

Additionally, the addition of a testimonial section and frequently asked questions has helped increase visitor confidence and improve site usability, potentially leading to higher user retention and a more positive brand perception

In summary, the changes made to the Novoturismo website, including performance, SEO, and design improvements, as well as the addition of testimonial and FAQ sections, have had a positive impact on the company by enhancing user experience, increasing online visibility, and attracting a broader audience.

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Social media

Novoturismo has implemented a comprehensive social media management strategy that has had a significant impact on the company's online presence.Instagram Management:
Novoturismo's Instagram account is managed entirely, allowing the company to focus on other aspects of the business. This has resulted in a more effective and efficient social media presence, as Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms on the market

Customized Social Media Strategy

A customized social media strategy is created each month to achieve positioning and reach. This includes the use of new, proven methods to reach more people and attract new followers, with a focus on improving and continuing successful actions from the previous month. This strategy has resulted in increased engagement and a broader audience for Novoturismo

Organic Content Creation
We create organic content, focusing on reels and providing value to the audience with content related to the tourism industry. This includes content ideas, recording advice, scriptwriting, editing, and distribution. This has resulted in a more engaged audience and increased brand awareness

Video Scripting and Editing
We provided video scripting and editing services, which has resulted in high-quality video content that is engaging and informative

Graphic Design
We provided graphic design services for social media posts, resulting in visually appealing and professional-looking content

Active Instagram Stories:
We focused on continuous interactions with people who consume their content, with the goal of converting non-followers into followers and followers into a loyal community. This has resulted in increased engagement and a more loyal following

Hashtag Strategy:
A hashtag strategy was implemented to reach more people with each post, resulting in increased visibility and a broader audience

Customized Copywriting:
Customized copywriting is provided for each post, resulting in more effective and engaging content that resonates with the audience

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